• europetechnologies
  • 11 February 2015


Press release [CARQUEFOU – “August, 28th, 2014″]

Europe Technologies, a Group located in Carquefou (44), France, specialized in services and innovations for the metal and carbon fiber industries, rRecently acquired GÉBÉ2 PRODUCTIQUE a SME well known for its expertise in industrial robotics, used in manufacturing processes.

This company employs production robotic solutions for aerospace, food and automotive markets. Today, it completes the Group’s offer for the implementation of its own products and processes (metal impact treatment, thermoplastic welding and cutting solutions).

This new subsidiary, GEBE2 PRODUCTIQUE (Bouffere (85), France) enhances the abilities  of Europe Technologies in growing markets for the machining and robotic trimming industries. It also allows it to acquire additional skills  to increase its expertise in the production of composite parts.

A better answer to major industrial players…

“GEBE2 robotic expertise will improve the  current Europe Technologies core processes such as their ultrasonic impact treatment as well as composite and thermoplastic ultrasonic welding and cutting techniques,” says Patrick CHEPPE, CEO of Europe Technologies. “This manufacturing and robotics expertise make us confident to offer faster and better solutions to major, large international group needs in the aerospace, food and automotive markets,” he adds.

GEBE2 PRODUCTIQUE will continue its currents activities and will keep its own identity under the overall leadership of its current CEO, Didier Barbarit. The activity is maintained on Bouffere facility (85, France).

Both Teams are convinced of the quick development of synergies and the ability to conquer new markets in France and abroad.


Founded in 1992, Europe Technologies, today, employs nearly 300 collaborators and generates 47 million euros turn over with 30% exportations. Organized in three departments (mechanical, composite and technological), the company offers innovative products and services for several industrial markets: Aerospace, Energy, Naval, Defense, Food and Ground Transportation.

Located in Pays de la Loire, Poitou Charente and Rhône Alpes, Europe Technologies is also located in North America with a subsidiary in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Its expertise is based on composites, metal and thermoplastic materials:

– Engineering, prototyping and industrialization of composite and metal parts

– Composite and metal machining – Manufacture of tools – LNG Repair

– Innovative surface treatments – Welding and Cutting (ultrasound, infrared, laser …)

Design, Manufacturing and maintenance of industrial machines and robot cells