SONIMAT – Cutting and welding solutions for industry

Since 1993, SONIMAT manufactures ultrasonic equipment for composite cutting and welding, and ultrasonic slicing. Our society is also renowned for its thermoplastic welding processes : hot plate, infrared, ultrasonic, spin and laser.

Today, SONIMAT provides its industrial solutions for : 

  • Composite welding and cutting
  • Thermoplastic welding
  • Fabrics welding and cutting
  • Metal welding
  • Ultrasonic sealing of packaging
  • Ultrasonic slicing

Our industrial sectors :



Discover our ultrasonic cutting and welding solutions for composite finishing. Ultrasonic offers many advantages for the shaping of composite parts : fiber cohesion, elimination of delimination and flaking, increased lifetime of tools, etc. Portable equipment, on-board cutting system, customized machines, we have the solution that will meet your needs.



SONIMATguarantees its expertise in the assembly of thermoplastics by providing you standard ultrasonic, rotation, lasern hot plate and infrared welding machine. Our expertise covers the analysis of your products as well as its function or material. Together we determine the best welding process to your needs.



Thank to our ultrasonic solutions, wa can offer you cutting, welding and cauterization solutions for your woven and non-woven products. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer turnkey equipment : as embeddable module on your existing means, in a standard manual press or in fully customized machines.



Discover our ultrasonic welding machine for your metal parts. Speed, quality, repeatability and control of your welds are among the advantages of the ultrasonic process applied to metals. With its compact design and intuitive programming, our machine will meet your welding applications for batteries, electronic components, RFID chips, etc.



An effective, quick and hermetic sealing of packaging is possible thanks to ultrasonic technology. Our sealing technology provides optimal welding to reduce leak rates.



Ultrasonic slicing is a technology wich has many advantages for the food industry. This process guarantees precise, quick and hygienic cutting. For more than 30 years SONIMAT has provided its expertise in the design and manufacturing of customized ultrasonic food cutting machines.