SONATS – Innovative solutions for impact surface treatment

SONATS has been offering impact surface treatment solutions and laboratory services since 1993 :

SONATS is an innovative industrial compagny specializing in cold impact mechanical surface treatment, with its main process being ultrasonic shot peening (STRESSONIC® technology).

Drawing on its know-how, SONATS designs and manufactures a complete range of products, from portable equipment to customized machines, as well as training, subcontracting and in and ex-situ residual stress characterization services.

Our surface treatment expertise :

Shot peening - ultrasonically activated - SONATS


Reinforce your metal parts of simple or complex geometry with our ultrasonic activated shot peening process : automated and robotized machines, portable and semi-portative equipment, conventional shot peening and blasting accessories, subcontracting services, MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul).

needle peening and peen forming - ultrasonically activated - SONATS


Modify the geometry of your metal plates and parts with our portable, ultrasonic activated straightening/ forming system. This system is easy to use and qualified by many aeronautical OEMs.

Ultrasonic Impact treatment - SONATS


Improve the fatigue life of welded assemblies by modifying the geometry of the weld toe using our high frequency mechanical impact process, an on-board process on portable equipment.

residual stress measurements - SONATS


The stress and material characterization laboratory offers measurement services (DRX, incremental drilling, eddy current, contour method,…), and analyses, both in the laboratory and ex-situ on your production site.

Acknowledged, qualified and certified, SONATS is comitted to providing the very best in technology, thanks to its commitment to R&D in order to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Located in the great West, in Carquefou, we are also present internationally thanks to our subsidiairies in the United States and in China via our Empowering Technologies subsidiairies.