GEBE2 – Robotic solutions for industry

For more than 30 years, GEBE2 has been designing and manufacturing turnkey robotics solutions in 3 industrial sectors:

The GEBE2 team works in the field alongside manufacturers both to gain insight into how their business works and to analyze their processes. This allows our engineers and technicians to develop solutions that are tailored to fit each individual context.

Our robotics solutions guarantee our customers greater competitiveness by increasing production volumes, cutting costs, and improving quality, flexibility and safety.

Our commitment to R&D also drives technology transfer: vision systems, offline programming, onboard weighing, etc. We commission production equipment that boasts the very latest, state-of-the-art robotics systems.

Our expertise in industrial robotics

Robotic Finishing

The process of robotized composite and metal finishing corresponds to all the finishing operations of a part or a sub-assembly. It includes routing, drilling, deburring, etc.

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Assemblage robotisé et connecté - GEBE2

Robotic Assembly

Our robotized and connected assembly line corresponds to gluing, fastening, welding processes…

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Automated production line

The robotization of lines, a powerful competitive lever, is a process that offers flexible and scalable solutions for production management, predictive maintenance, traceability …

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équipements de production robotisés

Food processing robot

The robotized production equipment corresponds to packaging, handling and slicing processes that meet the needs of cleanliness, reliability, speed…

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