ORATECH – Solutions and advanced machining technologies

For nearly 20 years now, ORATECH has been providing you with its services and guidance in:

  • Composite machining
  • Metal machining
  • Tooling design and production

Machining, water jet cutting, grinding, 3D control; our resources and skills have been designed to assist you in your projects effectively.

With proven experience in 5-axis machining of composites, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel, ORATECH provides the support for your projects (complex parts, technical materials, tools and large parts).

We work in the most demanding industrial sectors concluding aerospace, naval, defense, nuclear, automotive and more as well as providing our services for your prototype, series production or large dimension parts.

With several years of innovative project experience, we also work side-by-side with our customers to develop the technological innovations that meet their needs.

Our machining and tooling activities

Machining and tooling - ORATECH
Tooling machining - ORATECH
Design programming machining - ORATECH


The diversity of our capabilities (machining, turning, water jet, grinding, drilling, erosion and more) allows us to propose the optimal solution for your complex, prototype and series parts, metal or composite.

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We offer a range of solutions from draping tools, thermoplastic injection molds, RTM molds, forming tools, trimming tools, drilling grids, to checking templates and handling tools.

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We offer design services in load shedding, assembly and adjustment as well as a metrology service.

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