ORATECH – Engineering and manufacturing of industrial solutions

ORATECH, subsidiary of EUROPE TECHNOLOGIES Group, offers engineering and manufacturing services of industrial solutions.

Our research department, specialized in the industrial sectors of transport, aeronautics, defense, nuclear and automotive… provides global services (from pre-project to project management assistance) and more targeted services: R&D research department, manufacturing engineering, machining expertise, supply chain, maintenance in operational condition.

ORATECH expertise focuses on:

  • Engineering and industrialization (in-ex situ)
  • Manufacturing of composite and metal parts
  • Global solution integration

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As an innovative projects leader for a few years, ORATECH develops, together with its customers, technological innovations that meet their needs. Our customers trust us as much for our skills in engineering, industrialisation, intellectual services and manufacturing.

With recognised experience in 5-axis machining of composites, steels, stainless steel, titanium, inconel, ORATECH is a perfect partner for complex parts, technical materials, toolings and large parts.

ORATECH uses all of these engineering and manufacturing skills to integrate complete and high-performance industrial solutions: automated and mechanical systems and production lines.

A wide range of resources and skills

Our commitments and resources allow us to offer you customised solutions that meet your needs.

Our human resources

Advice, analysis and dialogue form the basis of all collaboration between our customers and our collaborators. To adapt to customer’s needs, our teams travel to the field for short and long-term assignments.

Our material resources

Our sites are equipped with high-tech IT equipment and specific software for design, programming, programming control, metrology, robotics and naval design.

A commitment to quality

The project management procedures in force at ORATECH INNOVATION (Saint-Hilaire de Loulay, Lesquin and Carquefou) are recognised by ISO 9001 certification. They allow us to ensure the level of quality required by our customers.

Manufacturing, engineering and industrialization



ORATECH supports you in your projects to industrialize metal and composite parts. Our engineers and technicians offer you their expertise in solving your production problems (in situ or ex-situ services): methods and industrialization, programming, design and production, optimising your machining performance, etc.



Our industrial culture, developed through many project projects, product-process development and industrial transfer, has enabled us to build up solid experiences, which we can offer you through our industrial engineering services.



Our manufacturing site in Montaigu, in the Vendée region, is equipped with a wide range of capabilities (machining, turning, water jet, grinding, drilling, erosion and more) that enable us to offer our customers the optimal solution for complex, prototype and series parts, metal or composite.



Our Carquefou site is equipped with dedicated facilities (design, draping room, etc.) for the manufacture of prototype and small series composite parts. Our team also specializes in the repair of composite parts for the aerospace and naval/defense industries.




As an integrator, the synergy of our engineering and manufacturing skills enables us to design optimized solutions. Engineering provides the detailed design and planning required to build complex systems, while manufacturing ensures the efficient implementation of these designs, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the final solution.



Our long experience and strong understanding of our customers’ needs have enabled us to design and develop Industry 4.0 solutions for optimizing machining processes: monitoring, vibration analysis, tool sounding…

ORATECH has 7 different sites throughout western France. They are divided according to engineering and manufacturing activities.

The engineering sites are located as close as possible to the needs of the cities of Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse. This distribution brings us closer to our customers and enhances our range of industrial engineering services: mechanical design, programming, methods and preparation, development, both in-house and off-site.

Our manufacturing sites are located around Nantes and Montaigu, on a surface area of over 10,000m², equipped with a large fleet of machines and resources dedicated to the manufacture of composite parts (draping room, autoclave, oven…).